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Professional Digital Photo
Enhancement ~ Retouching ~ Restoration

LunchBoxPhoto works miracles on your 
or OLD images, whether you need  photo retouching, photo 
restoration, or artistic photographic magic. Simply upload your digital 
photos, scans or mail your Prints.  See some examples :-)

Old?... Photographs from 1800 to the 1980's are fading fast and we 
can help you save them!  We can completely restore torn or damaged photos, stains, color fading... you name it!

New?... We do special request, can remove (or add) people entirely, 
remove wrinkles, tattoos, enhance eye or hair color, or create 
something artistic. Just ask...

All this is done so artfully that no one can tell it's not an original....

What else can we do for your photos?

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Natural Photo Retouching
Professional photo enhancement and photo restoration, also called digital picture editing, can include image restoration, photo manipulation, and photo repair.  We use Photoshop to apply advanced natural retouching and repair techniques to affect photographic repair, photo enhancement, headshot retouching, beauty portrait or beauty pageant retouching and general glamour photo enhancements.  

Whether for personal or professional use, all edited images appear to have a natural touch, undetectable to the untrained viewer. From family photos to professional works, the number of solutions are surprising!

If you are an amateur or a professional photographer shooting scenery or using models, if you need retouching services, please call us to see if there is an ongoing set of services that we can provide for you.  

Some categories we work in are;

Beauty Photo Retouching 
Product Photo Retouching 
Food Photo Retouching 
Headshot Retouching 
Real Estate Photos 
Vehicle Photos 
Art Photo Retouching
Image Manipulation 
Photo Restoration

For example, Glamour & Headshot retouching may include; 
Skin, Hair, Eyes, Nose, Ears, Lips, Teeth, Slimming, 
Breasts, Cloth and Background changes.

To give you an idea of what can be accomplished, 
below is a list of some of the...

... more common photo corrections;

Clipping Path (cut out images)
Color Changing 
Color Correction 
 Teeth Whitening
 Eye Brightening/Color
 Skin Smoothing
 Blemish Removal
 Add or Remove People & Objects
 Alter Hair Color
 Head or Eye Swapping with another photograph
 Cloth & Spot Touchup
 Re-coloring objects or people
 Glare & Shine Removal
 Blemish Removal 
Eyelash or Makeup Enhancement
 Stray Hair Taming

 Correct Discoloration
 Fix creases and cracks 
 Repair tears and  missing edges

 Eliminate Stains
 Remove Dust & Scratches
 Repair Fading
 Repair Discoloration

Add or Remove Background
 Reconstruct Body Parts
 Colorize a Black & White or Sepia photo
 Tattoo Removal
 Waist, Neck, or Arm Thinning
Enlarge Breasts

 Soften or Sharpen Focus
 Red Eye Removal

 Sepia Tone Conversion
Colorize a Black and White Photo
Make new photos look older

We do digital photo retouching and image editing and digital photo editing and photographic enhancement.

Other names for our services are; retouch photo, photo retouching, professional photo enhancement, portrait enhancement, photo touchup, fix photos, digital photo retouching, photo color correction, photograph repair, photo fix, photo enhance, photo repair, photo correction, picture restoring, old photo repair, skin smoothing, digital photo enhancement, picture retouch, picture fix